Updated EEO “Know Your Rights” Poster Now Available

David R. Bohm

By David R. Bohm

eeo posterOn October 22, 2022, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued an updated EEO poster, a copy of which is attached to this blog post. This is to replace a previous EEO poster and addendum issued by the EEOC in 2019.

In many cases, employers have posted what is known as a 6-way poster, which sets forth an employee’s rights under various federal laws, including Title VII and the Americans with Disabilities Act. You may wish to acquire an updated 6-way poster, or you can simply post the October 2022 poster next to the 6-way poster, or over the section on Equal Employment Opportunity on existing 6-way posters.

Who is Required to Post this Notice?

Any employer with more than 15 employees is required to post the updated notice.

When Should I Put This Up?

No deadline for posting the updated notice has been identified by the EEOC. However, those employers required to post it should do so sooner rather than later.

Where Should I Post the Notice?

The EEOC requires that the notice be posted in a conspicuous place. Many employers post the notice in the employee break or lunch room. Employers with a time clock may post the notice next to the time clock. The poster has to be in a place where it is accessible by employees with a disability (e.g., where it is readable by an employee in a wheelchair). The EEOC also recommends posting the notice on an employer’s intranet or other website accessible to its employees. However, posting the notice on an intranet or web is not a substitute for physically posting at the workplace, unless all employees are virtual.

Click here to download the updated EEO poster.

Posted by Attorney David R. Bohm. Bohm is an experienced litigator working with health care, government, and business clients on employment, intellectual property, and complex contract issues. He is also skilled in alternative dispute resolution as a means to solve disagreements without litigation.

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