Do You Own Cryptocurrency? Update Your Estate Plan!

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cryptocurrencyCryptocurrency is a hot topic for business owners and individuals alike. But have you considered the importance of updating your estate plan to include your cryptocurrency? If not, read If You Own Cryptocurrency, It’s Time to Update Your Estate Plan! where I discuss the importance of updating your estate plan if you own any cryptocurrency or other digital assets.

Cryptocurrency and other digital assets were not considered in many older estate plans. And with the increase in the number of business owners and individuals acquiring cryptocurrency and other digital assets, estate planning is crucial. Your estate plan documents need to include language that covers your digital assets, just as it covers your more traditional assets.

Click here to read about other considerations regarding your estate plan and digital assets including information on accessing and distribution of these assets after your death.

If you have questions regarding cryptocurrency and other digital assets and your estate plan, contact me or one of our other estate planning attorneys at 314.726.1000.

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