Keeping Your Business in Business During COVID-19: On-Demand Webinar

Katherine M. Flett

By Katherine M. Flett

co-presented by Katherine M. Flett and Ruth Binger

Ruth Binger and Katherine Flett presented a webinar on keeping your business in business, which included employment and business strategies during the for business

Maintaining a Legally Compliant Work Environment and Navigating the ‘New’ Workplace in the Face of COVID-19,” a Facebook Live webinar, was part of the Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce‘s Chamber University.

Topics included:

  • Strategies for Keeping Your Business in Business
  • Frequently Asked Questions related to running a business during the pandemic:
    • When an employee calls in sick, what questions can I ask them?
    • If an employee comes to work and is visibly sick, can I make them go home?
    • If there is a positive case of COVID-19 within my company, what information can we disclose about the employee who tested positively?
    • Can an employee sue our company for not protecting them from COVID-19?

Click here to watch the video on Facebook.
Click here to watch on YouTube.

For additional COVID-19 related information, go to our Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resource Center.

Post by Attorneys Katherine M. Flett and Ruth Binger with assistance from Brenda Christmas Marlowe, Marketing Manager.  Flett is a member of the litigation team whose primary focus is on assisting clients in insurance defense, business litigation, employment law, and bankruptcy matters. Binger serves both emerging and mature businesses concentrating in corporate law, intellectual property and technology law, cybersecurity, digital media law, and labor and employment law. Her commitment to the success of small to medium-sized businesses, and her understanding of multi-faceted issues inherent in operations, are what distinguish Binger’s practice.

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