Selling Away: You and Your RR Can Both Be Honest and Still Be Liable to Someone Who is Not

Joseph R. Soraghan

By Joseph R. Soraghan

“Selling away”, as you know, occurs when an RR invests his client’s money without doing so at or through the brokerage firm at which he is employed. Although it occurs in all types of brokerage situations, it occurs most frequently in non-traditional, generally off-site situations. According to the NASD, selling away is the most frequently committed violation by off-site RRs. For example, RRs who also sell insurance products frequently operate in off-site locations, and selling away frequently occurs on the part of independent insurance agents registered only as Series 6 investment company and variable contract products representatives. These RRs are frequently targeted by issuers, promoters and marketing agents to sell variable contracts and promissory notes to their customers. In many instances these products constitute securities, but their promoters market them to RRs as non-securities products that do not have to be sold through the RR’s broker-dealer.

“Selling away”, also known as “private securities transactions”, is a violation by the RR of his obligation to submit to the supervision of his BD, and to allow it is a violation by the BD of its duty to supervise all securities transactions by the RR. “Selling away” is easy to do even without knowing it.

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